How Upgrading Your Windows Can Save On Home Energy Costs

Windows aren’t usually high up on a homeowners list for repairs and improvements, but they should be! Upgrading your windows can increase curb appeal and have a direct impact on your monthly electric bill. As the summer months roll in, be sure that you don’t let the cold out of the house!

What is an Energy Efficient Window?

Energy-efficient windows will showcase the ENERGY STAR certified sticker on the window and may also have NFRC labels as well. Typically, these windows are not your single-pane options but will have at least two panes and may contain gas between them or other features.

Double or triple-paned windows offer a better u-flow and may have infrared treatment or not. There are also options for gas-filled windows where the gas, usually argon or krypton, will act as insulation. These gases are colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. Insulated windows ensure that either heat or cool air stays in or out depending on the season. It’s easier to keep your house at the ideal temperature.

A double-paned window may help homeowners move toward energy efficiency. However, if you’re in a northern climate, you might consider windows that allow in infrared light, which would help keep heat within the home. Other windows may have triple panes for their higher insulating capabilities.

How Else Can You Improve Window Efficiency?

You can improve your window efficiency without fully upgrading, although you should still opt for energy-efficient windows. These are many small things that contractors will do or suggest when installing energy-efficient windows. You can do some of these yourself or bring in a handyman to help out.

Use window treatments that block UV rays, or use a solar control film. Additionally, you can caulk or weatherstrips around all the windows to help reduce air leaks. Finally, you might think about adding exterior shade through an awning or overhang.

Should You Consider Replacing Your Windows?

Yes! Window replacements offer many benefits, and if you choose to use energy-efficient window replacements, you can directly impact your energy bill. With ENERGY STAR windows, you may even be able to access other benefits. Ultimately, these are better windows for your home and can help you lower the general costs of heating or cooling.  

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