How Do I Move My Pool Table?

Are you getting a new place and having a hard time fuguring out how you’re going to get your huge pool table out of your old place and set up in your new home? Before we get into the details, it’s highly reccommended that you hire professional pool table experts to get tha job done. Moving a pool table is tricky and can easily result in damaging your pool table or setting it up wrong which can be a real pain. Check out the website of some of our friends that do it professionally for more info on that.

But if you indeed are looking to do it on your own, then you’ll need a good, well-rounded toolbox. Make sure it includes a socket wrench, screwdriver, and power drill as you will need all of them. Bring along a lot of thick blankets for padding to keep from damaging the pool table’s exterior.

Make sure you get a sizable truck that will fit all the pieces of the table comfortably. Most standard pool tables are anywhere from 7 to 9 ft. long, so take that into account when looking for your transportation vehicle.

It’ll be very important for you to have enough manpower. Pool tables and their components are anything but light, so get as many able bodied guys as you can for transportation. Make sure they’re all equipped with gloves so they don’t scratch the pool table and footwear that will grip the floor well and withstand anything heavy falling on it.

Get all the hallways, doors and staircases measured before you get started so you don’t run into any unforseen complications with maneuvering the large pool table pieces around.

Once you’ve got all that, you can proceed to take apart your pool table. Start with removing the pockets, for which you’ll need a screw driver and a staple remover. The next step is removing bolts holding down the side rails with your socket wrench and gently removing the side rails. Find a safe place to keep your screws and bolts so you can put them all back once you get your table to its new destination.

Then it’s time to move on to the felt. You’ll need a staple remover to carefully remove it. Make sure you don’t jerk or pull it unnecessarily hard as the felt can easily rip. The next step is removing the incredibly heavy slates. Be ready, each slate piece weighs over 400 lbs! This is where you recruited manpower will come in handy. Use your power drill to unscrew the slates and then, with at least 3 people, remove them from the pool table.

The final move is to disassemble the legs from the body and then you’re ready to move the whole thing into the truck. Use the blankets for padding to provide a safe ride, and then put the whole thing back together in your new home!